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Requiem for Lorca


Requiem for Lorca is a solo performance based on Lorca's plays and other texts, as well as on documentary material about the poet's life, work and murder. Through different characters, real or fictitious, the piece approaches the issues of love, death, oppression and freedom, questioning the state of homophobia in Lorca's time as well as today. 

ORIGINAL TITLE. Réquiem para Lorca

TEXTS. Federico Garcia Lorca

DIRECTION. Hristina Vasić

DRAMATURGY & CAST. Rodrigo Marcó del Pont

MUSIC. Slobodan Ivanović

COSTUMES. Daniel Deybe

VOICE. Silvia Varela

PHOTO.David Pujado

PRODUCTION. Melting Teatro

CO-PRODUCTION. Ustanova kulture Palilula

PREMIERE in 2014 at Ustanova kulture Palilula Belgrade, Serbia.

AWARDED at Muestra Popular et Internacional de Teatro de Crespo, Argentina, 2015.

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