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Both Shores

Homage to Julio Cortázar


Both Shores is a music-theatre piece with a playful structure: the audience chooses which scene will be performed by playing hopscotch on stage. Therefore, each performance is different, as is each lecture of the writer's famous novel. As a tribute to Cortazar's work, Both Shores revives some political ideas that the writer fought for until the end of his life. 

ORIGINAL TITLE. Las dos orillas. Homenaje a Julio Cortázar

TEXTS. Julio Cortázar

CONCEPT & DIRECTION. Rodrigo Marcó del Pont

LIGHT DESIGN. Cristián Gutiérrez

CAST. Thibaut Géhin, Hristina Vasić Tomše, Andrej Tomše, Eduardo Baró

PHOTO. Jonathan Eden-Drumond


SUPPORTED by Embassy of Argentina in Brussels and Project Puentes.

PREMIERE in 2014 at De Vaartkapoen Brussels, Belgium.

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