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This staging of Woyzeck is directed by five directors of different origin and very different approaches to creation. Nevertheless, the performance was outstanding in coherence, and was awarded at the 2011 Festival of Student Theatre in Nice. Simple and deeply human, this piece poses a question about what it is to be a human being, facing the audience with Woyzeck's world of misery, social impotence, jealousy, passion, madness and crime.

DIRECTION. Ana Zanandréa, Hristina Vasić, Marcella Smith, Rodrigo Marcó del Pont, Xueyan Hun

LIGHT & SOUND DESIGN. Arada Charoenmetta

COSTUMES. Daria Bubalo

CAST. Marcella Smith, Miguel Ortiz Rodríguez, Rodrigo Marcó del Pont, Daria Bubalo, Xueyan Hun, Léa Galano, Laurie Camous, Brittany Hammond, Jihene Gati, Hristina Vasić

MENTOR. Paul Chariéras

PRODUCTION. University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

PREMIERE in 2011 at FLASH Nice, France.

AWARDED at Festival du Théâtre Universitaire in Nice, France, 2011.

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