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Live music, storytelling and body percussion interweave to create a sound-based performance to be watched through the ears. It is inspired by Daniel Veronese’s dramatic poem Ringside, in which women brutally fight for the privilege of having a very unique man. As an extended metaphor of the culture of spectacle, the piece questions the role of the crowd inside the system. 

CONCEPT & DIRECTION. Hristina Vasić Tomše

PLAYWRIGHT. Daniel Veronese

MUSIC. Slobodan Ivanović

TRANSLATION. Natália da Silva Perez

CAST. Natália da Silva Perez, Theresa Seits, Slobodan Ivanovć, Thierno Diallo, Hristina Vasić Tomše / Matija Andjelković

PRODUCTION. EX-teater & Glej Theatre

PREMIERE in 2017 at Glej Theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia.



in G minor

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