Hristina Vasić Tomše

theatre director, performer and literary translator


Born on 31st  July 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia, I grew up and received standard and music education in Ub, a small town not far from the capital.

I studied Spanish language and hispanic literature at the University of Belgrade. I founded my first theatre troupe, Teatro Dislocado, in the latter stages of my studies in Belgrade. I coordinated it for several years and directed my first work with students of language and literature and students of applied and performing arts from the University of Belgrade and the University of Arts. During that time, my first translations were also published.

Basing my thesis on the work of the contemporary Catalan playwright Pau Miró, I obtained a Master's degree in contemporary Catalan literature and theatre from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 


In 2009/2010 I taught Catalan language at the Department for Iberian Studies at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. I continued my theatre practice with students of language and literature. That was also the last year of Teatro Dislocado. 


As an Erasmus Mundus scholar, I obtained a Master's degree in Performing Arts Studies from three universities - Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidade da Coruña. In those two years, my studies and research were based around theatre direction and were supervised by Paul Chariéras, Jean-Pierre Triffaux and Ricardo Iniesta, among others.


Together with the performer Andrej Tomše and the composer Slobodan Ivanović, I founded the theatre company EX-teater in 2016. As a collective, we are interested in a transdisciplinary approach to creation. The principal premises in our work are sound-based dramaturgy, the performer as first stage creator and the audience as active participant in the performance. 


I am fluent in Serbian, English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Slovenian and German. I translate poetry, theatre texts and prose from these languages into Serbian, my mother tongue. 


I have been living and working between Ljubljana and Berlin since 2015.


© 2017 by Hristina Vasić Tomše.